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September 28th is International Safe Abortion Day. Raise your voice to end stigma, support access, and demand rights.

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Why do we need action to support safe and legal abortion?

Across the globe, women's rights are under attack. In the US, President Trump's Global Gag Rule eliminates international funding for groups that offer abortion services or even provide information to clients about abortion options. The impact of this is clear—without access to information or services, women and girls are compelled to seek unsafe abortions and can be injured or die as a result of these procedures. Elsewhere in the world, punitive laws mean women can face imprisonment for miscarriage, and severe legal restrictions force pre-teen victims of rape to endure dangerous pregnancies and births.

What is IWHC doing to support abortion rights in the US and globally?

Advancing global policies: IWHC is known as a bold and independent force for sexual and reproductive rights. We play an active role at the United Nations and collaborate with governments and global health policymakers to ensure global policies reflect the right to safe and legal abortion.

Fighting to permanently end the Global Gag Rule: IWHC works to ensure that US foreign policy and funding promote the health and rights of women and adolescents. We advocate for the permanent, legislative repeal of the Global Gag Rule and support legislation like the Global HER Act and the Keeping Girls In School Act.   

Partnering with local groups: To overcome legal and policy barriers to safe abortion, IWHC works with grantee partners in ten countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. These local organizations are critical to ensuring governments uphold their commitments to ensure all women and girls can access safe abortion.

Convening experts and sharing knowledge: IWHC and grantee partner Mujer y Salud en Uruguay (MYSU) recently brought together 50 experts from 20 countries to discuss the rise of conscientious objection as a significant hurdle to safe and legal abortion. They shared knowledge and strategies on how to ensure women's right to safe abortion in places where it is legal, but often inaccessible.

Supporting US and Global Campaigns: As part of the year-round International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion, IWHC joins individuals and organizations across the world to promote universal access to safe abortion as a human rights issue.

Raise Your Voice

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Art by @LiberalJane for the International Campaign for Safe Abortion

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Everyone, everywhere, has the right to abortion care. I'm talking about abortion to end the stigma!

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Learn About Abortion Rights

Blueprint Provides Roadmap to Achieve Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) is proud to be a member of the Blueprint coalition and joins in the critical call on policymakers to fulfill the sexual and reproductive health needs of all people.

Trump Administration Expands Assault on Global Abortion Access

The Trump administration’s latest attack on global abortion access includes the unprecedented use of the Siljander Amendment, which sets a dangerous precedent by attempting to force global human rights bodies to bow to US political pressure.

Building Argentina’s Green Wave

CDD Argentina is a faith-based and feminist organization that has been working to expand sexual and reproductive rights for Argentine women for 25 years. IWHC is proud to provide ongoing support to CDD Argentina as they continue to advocate for abortion rights, sexual and reproductive health services and information, and policies that benefit women and girls.

Building Support for Safe Abortion in Asia, One Network at a Time

For 10 years, the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) has worked to secure abortion as a human right for women and girls throughout the region. Through its Youth Champions and Country Advocacy Networks, ASAP has developed an international and intergenerational feminist force that fights for women’s fundamental rights to autonomy and dignity.

Abortion: Normal and Vital

To mark International Safe Abortion Day (September 28), IWHC joins a global network of activists in demanding that abortion be legal, accessible, and safe. Abortion is a normal and vital component of sexual and reproductive health. Yet, it is consistently stigmatized through culture and myths, restricted through regressive legislation and economic barriers, and politicized by conservative policymakers and activists that seek to control women’s bodies.

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