September 28th is International Safe Abortion Day

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Colombia’s Constitutional Court Defends Abortion Rights

By Liza Kane-Hartnett

On October 17 Colombia’s Constitutional Court reaffirmed women’s right to abortion, rejecting a proposed 24 week limit. IWHC had previously submitted an amicus brief to the court, providing global evidence that further restrictions would present grave consequences for women’s health and lives.

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Beyond Abortion: A Podcast on All Things SRHR

By IWHC Staff

IWHC senior program officer, Nina Besser Doorley recently joined the RePROS Fight Back podcast to answer pressing questions about what defines these rights, how they are restricted, and what we can do to protect and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

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Abortion: Normal and Vital

By IWHC Staff

To mark International Safe Abortion Day (September 28), IWHC joins a global network of activists in demanding that abortion be legal, accessible, and safe. Abortion is a normal and vital component of sexual and reproductive health. Yet, it is consistently stigmatized through culture and myths, restricted through regressive legislation and economic barriers, and politicized by conservative policymakers and activists that seek to control women’s bodies.

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In Gratitude for UN Human Rights Chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

By Liza Kane-Hartnett

Throughout his tenure as the UN’s top human rights official, High Commissioner Zeid has never wavered in his commitment to women’s autonomy and gender equality. From El Salvador to Saudi Arabia, he has argued for the rights of women and girls while celebrating the resiliency and achievements of women advocates.

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On the Revolutionary Road to Reproductive Justice

By Michelle Truong

Refusal of care is quickly becoming a battleground issue for the abortion rights movement and was a main topic of discussion at the recent Abortion and Reproductive Justice Conference in South Africa. Reclaiming the concept of conscience in reproductive health is crucial to combating this dangerous and unethical practice.

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IWHC President Delivers Expert Testimony on Decisive Abortion Case in Brazil Court

By Liza Kane-Hartnett

Brazil recognizes health as a constitutional right, but the criminalization of abortion keeps this right out of reach for millions of women. A landmark case to decriminalize abortion in the first trimester, currently before Brazil’s highest court, is a crucial step towards change. IWHC president, Françoise Girard, is among the 52 international experts to testify at the Supreme Court of Brazil on August 3 and 6.

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Promsex’s Victories Drive Gender Equality in Peru

By Jessie Clyde

As an ardent defender of abortion rights in Peru, IWHC’s grantee partner Promsex is a frequent target of right-wing conservatives. Yet a recent court ruling against a Catholic news agency that deliberately spread misinformation about Promsex is a victory for Peru’s long-embattled sexual and reproductive health advocates.

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Kennedy’s Retirement Places Reproductive Rights at a Crossroads

By Nina Besser Doorley

Justice Kennedy’s decision to step down offers the Trump administration yet another opportunity to deploy the US courts to attack women’s health and rights. Beyond the scope of US jurisprudence, Kennedy’s replacement could have a profound impact on domestic conversations about international law and US foreign policy.

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US Global Assault on Women’s Health Goes Domestic

By Katherine Olivera

The Trump administration’s proposed Domestic Gag Rule would prohibit organizations that receive US federal funding through Title X from providing or referring women for abortion-related services. This policy, like the Global Gag Rule, threatens the health and rights of women and girls, especially those from marginalized communities.

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By Removing Reproductive Rights, State Department Sets a Dangerous Precedent in US Human Rights Reports

By Katherine Olivera

The US State Department’s recently released Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2017 were edited to reflect the Trump administration’s disregard for reproductive rights by eliminating comprehensive reporting on these issues. This sends the unmistakable signal that violations of reproductive rights do not matter.

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