International Safe Abortion Day Sept 28: Ana Paula Rosário of Odara Instituto da Mulher Negra
Ana Paula Rosário of Odara Instituto da Mulher Negra, an IWHC partner advocating for abortion rights in Brazil

Sept. 28th: International Safe Abortion Day

Join us for a global day of action to support abortion rights!

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The Human Cost of the Global Gag Rule

The Global Gag Rule is a policy that prevents all foreign organizations receiving US global health aid from providing abortion services, referrals, or information—even if they use non-US funds to do so. This policy will have devastating and widespread effects, from cutting off access to contraceptives, to limiting HIV/AIDS counseling and maternal health care. In this short video, Monica Oguttu from the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET), a grantee partner of IWHC, explains the human cost of this policy for women and girls in Kenya.

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8 Ultra-Conservatives Leading Trump’s War on Women

By IWHC Staff

One year after the election, it has become clear that the new presidential Administration staunchly pursues one priority: removing policies that protect the rights of women and girls while ensuring that right-wing ideologues with extreme, retrograde views are positioned to decide on women’s bodies and lives.

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Taking the Pulse of Trump’s Deadly Global Gag Rule

By IWHC Staff

IWHC recently launched a new research project to study the impacts of the Trump Administration’s “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” policy in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Based on the early findings of this project, IWHC submitted comments to the US government and participated in a six-month review on Capitol Hill.

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Trump’s Religious Freedom Nominee Would Threaten Human Rights

By IWHC Staff

Former Senator Sam Brownback, a staunch opponent of women’s and LGBT rights, is the latest in a string of conservative ideologues nominated to senior posts by the Trump Administration. His failure to defend the notion of respect for health as a human right and not a moral battleground should disqualify him for consideration as the head of the Office of International Religious Freedom.

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Key Takeaways from First Global Convening to Fight Conscientious Objection to Abortion

By Michelle Truong

Reproductive rights advocates have noted an increase in the use of conscientious objection by health providers to deny abortions to those who need or want them. In August 2017, IWHC and our partner MYSU brought together global experts to tackle this emerging human rights issue.

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Abortion Laws Liberalizing in Latin America, But Implementation is Slow

By Jessie Clyde

Last month’s progress on abortion rights in Chile is one of several examples of reproductive rights advances taking place in Latin American countries, and a trend in the liberalization of abortion laws in the region over two decades.

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Where Are We Now? A Snapshot of Some of the World’s Most Egregious Abortion Laws

By IWHC Staff

In the lead-up to International Safe Abortion Day on September 28, IWHC takes a look at some of the most dangerous places in the world to access an abortion.

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A Rapid Response to Zika in Brazil

By IWHC Staff

In 2016, Zika caused a public health crisis in Brazil; thankfully, women’s groups have a long history in Brazil, and they were well poised to take up the charge.

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Expanding Access to Safe Abortion in Nigeria, One Woman at a Time

By Erin Williams

GIWYN is IWHC’s newest grantee partner in Nigeria, working to increase awareness and expand access to safe abortion across the country.

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Brazil Declares Zika Crisis Over, But Is It?

By Shena Cavallo

Brazil recently declared the Zika emergency over, but for those living in the most at-risk areas, the virus is a constant threat.

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Trump’s Global “Protecting Life” Policy Endangers Lives

By IWHC Staff

The Global Gag Rule will now be applied to all US global health aid, which will have devastating impact.

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Actions Around the World 

Events and actions by IWHC grantee partners, grouped by region



  • The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership will be holding a virtual film festival of short films and videos from their “Let’s Talk Abortion” series.
  • CREA, in partnership with Global Health Strategies (GHS), is launching a campaign to address unsafe abortion from the point of view of access to services and barriers within the health system.

Eastern Europe

  • ASTRA, the Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health, will present stories of women who participated in Poland’s successful “Black Monday” protests last year. Public outrage at a bill that would have banned abortion in almost all circumstances forced the government to table it.

Latin America