Statement on the Election of Donald Trump as US President

  • November 9, 2016

We at the International Women’s Health Coalition are deeply concerned that the policies proposed by US President-elect Trump and the Republican Party will result in serious setbacks for women and girls worldwide.

Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Among Adolescents: What We Know

  • January 15, 2015

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 30 percent of girls ages 15-19 and almost 32 percent of young women ages 20-24 have experienced violence at the hands of an intimate partner. in some countries, nearly half of all women and girls in this age group have experienced sexual or intimate partner violence. Exposure to…

For Women, the Greatest Threat of Violence Is at Home

Thirty percent of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual abuse by an intimate partner.

Speaking Up Against Rape in Pakistan

In 2002, a young woman in Pakistan named Mukhtar Mai was gang-raped as punishment for her 12-year-old brother’s alleged affair with a woman of a higher clan. Because of Mai’s determination to seek justice, the 13 accused were detained. She has pressed charges through to Pakistan’s Supreme Court, and as a result,has faced…