A Hero of HIV Speaks Out: "AIDS is Not in a Recession"

  • October 7, 2009

(The Mail & Guardian videos aren’t embeddable – so click on the pic above to watch the video on their site) Recently, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria convened a meeting at the Ford Foundation in New York to discuss how governments, funders, the UN  and civil society can…

Responding to the Economic Crisis: Why Investing in Women is a Smart Choice (Part 1)

  • July 20, 2009

from a speech given at the 20th World Population Day in Abuja, Nigeria. Part one of a three part series.  In 2008, it came to global attention that the world economy was experiencing recession.  Stock prices were dropping, major companies and government parastatals were crumbling, and bankruptcy became commonplace among corporations and individuals. In Nigeria,…

Nigerian Human Rights Activists Organize the First Annual International Day Against Homophobia

  • May 14, 2009

Previously, we blogged about the discrimination and persecution faced by the LGBTQQI* community in Nigeria. First, there was Nigeria’s Same Gender Marriage bill, proposing the criminalization of marriage between consenting adults of the same sex. And then  Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that, as far as he’s concerned, the lack…

Bene Madunagu, a Women's Health Hero

  • May 11, 2009

IWHC partner Bene Madunagu, co-founder of Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) in Nigeria, is one of 20 outstanding individuals and organizations named as Our Bodies, Ourselves Women’s Health Heroes today. GPI was founded in 1993 to provide 16 teenage girls with life skills…

Same Gender Marriage Bill Update from Nigeria

  • March 12, 2009

Last week we published a post about the impending public hearing on Nigeria’s Same Gender Marriage bill by Dorothy Aken’Ova, a Nigerian woman who works with the International Centre for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE). Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs set the tone for the hearing a few weeks ago when…

Another Modest Proposal

  • March 10, 2009

It is a melancholy subject to those who travel this world to discuss the rights of people living with HIV. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is now 50 years old, but I think it’s sorely in need of an addendum to clarify that those rights are guaranteed to all people, well, except…

Nigerian Government Denies Existence of LGBTQQI* People

  • March 4, 2009

Next Wednesday, March 11th, in Abuja, Nigeria, the National House of Assembly will hold a public hearing on the simply named “Same Gender Marriage Bill.” The intent of this law is to criminalize marriage between consenting adults of the same sex. The passage of this law, a narrower version of the law that failed…

Reproductive anatomy diagrams in Cameroun and Brazil

  • March 2, 2009

Teaching anatomy is one of the most fundamental pieces of comprehensive sexuality education. The naming of the parts begins pretty much as soon as a child starts to be aware of his or her body and wants to know “what’s this?” as she points to different body parts. This of course isn’t necessarily about genitals…

Taking Steps of Courage: Teaching Adolescents about Sexuality and Gender in Nigeria and Cameroun

  • August 27, 2000

This report describes gender-sensitive approaches to sexuality education and provides program examples based on the work of IWHC's partners in Nigeria and Cameroon.