Defending Reproductive Rights: What Uruguay Can Teach Us

As we in the United States prepare ourselves for the forthcoming assault on reproductive rights by the Trump administration, we can learn a lot from the recent gain in Uruguay.

After Victory in Uruguay: Addressing Gaps Between the Right to Abortion and Access to Services

While legislative victory in Uruguay is an inspiration for other pro-choice advocates in the region, advocates caution that the struggle to ensure access to safe, legal abortion does not end with legislation.

Partner: Mujer y Salud en Uruguay (MYSU)

  • November 12, 2013

Founded in 1995, Mujer y Salud en Uruguay (MYSU, or “Women and Health in Uruguay”) began as part of a national network of nongovernmental organizations committed to advocating for women’s rights. The network was known for its national and international advocacy work related to sexual and reproductive rights and health, particularly monitoring the implementation of…

Campaign to Roll Back Abortion Rights Fails in Uruguay

A national vote in Uruguay on whether to repeal the country's law legalizing abortion failed to garner enough support. IWHC supported Mujer y Salud en Uruguay to advocate for reproductive rights and fight against the conservative efforts to roll back progress.

A Move to Roll Back Reproductive Rights in Uruguay

Only a few months after Uruguayan President José Mujica signed into law legislation that will save women’s lives by allowing some abortions in the first trimester, foes of the new law have taken the first steps to repeal it. On Friday, April 26, 2013, the Electoral Court validated 52,343 signatures submitted by the National Commission…

A Fall Message from IWHC's President

The fall is in full swing and so are we at the International Women’s Health Coalition! We continue to push the U.S. Government to take greater, concerted, and strategic action to prevent the early and forced marriage of millions of girls in key countries and to support the more than 60…

Uruguayan House of Representatives Allows Abortion up to 12 Weeks, but Imposes Other Barriers

Last night, as midnight approached, Uruguay’s House of Representatives voted 50-49 to allow abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy. The bill is expected to be approved by the Senate and signed into law by President José Mujica before the end of the year. The bill is far from what many…

Study Finds That Nearly Every Woman Living with HIV and AIDs in Brazil has Suffered Violence

A new report issued by the non-governmental organization Gestos highlights the disturbing link between HIV/AIDS and violence against women; according to the study, 97.5% of Brazilian women with HIV have suffered some type of violence throughout their lives, with 79.2% of cases occurring before the diagnosis of HIV. The report examines the problem of violence…