IWHC has supported a number of organizations working to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in India. Our partners advocate for the rights of women and young people, promote comprehensive sexuality education and HIV/AIDS policy, ensure access to safe abortion services, and empower young leaders and champions for gender equality and human rights.

Abortion is legal in India, but growing concern over sex-selective abortion has made doctors reluctant to perform any abortion. This has led to an increase in unsafe abortions and maternal mortality and morbidity. CommonHealth, a coalition of 110 institutions and individuals, advocates for better access and higher quality maternal and neonatal health and safe abortion services.

Did the Teachers Learn? Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Learning in CSE

TARSHI, one of our grantee partners in India, recently launched an online course on comprehensive sexuality education for teachers.

Medical Students Taking on Misconceptions and Stereotypes

Three med students in India talk about an ASAP Asia workshop they participated in on gender, sexuality, and abortion.

The Pleasure Principle

In the words of Janet Jackson, circa 1986, “It’s the pleasure principle!” Yet, those of us working to advance the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescent girls often forget this and are reluctant to talk about pleasure.

Bringing Girls into the Data Revolution

How local groups around the world are filling the information gap and making sure girls' voices are heard.

When Girls Respond: The Conundrum of Collecting Data from Adolescent Girls

For those of us in the field of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), there are universal challenges. Not least of these challenges is collecting data to determine the effectiveness of our programs through an evaluation.

A Witty Take on Arranged Marriage in India Spurs Conversation

  • September 21, 2015

A diverse group of more than 40 Friends of IWHC gathered for a screening of The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar and a conversation with its director, Ruchika Muchhala.

Breaking the Silence Around Sex in India

  • July 14, 2015

The organization TARSHI has been boldly taking on sexuality issues in India for more than 15 years.

Partner: CREA

  • June 24, 2015

In 1999, activists and development professionals in India got together to discuss what they saw as a glaring gap: the lack of prominent feminist voices. They decided they had to do something about it and began planning an organization that would foster and provide a platform in India for these voices, particularly focused on sexuality…

Partner: TARSHI

  • June 24, 2015

India has made significant strides towards recognizing sexual rights over the past decade, but cultural, policy, and social challenges continue to limit progress.

TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) works towards expanding sexual and reproductive choices in people’s lives in an effort to enable them to enjoy lives of dignity and freedom from fear

Fighting Gender Inequality in India: A Young Feminist’s Awakening

  • May 1, 2015

Pritam Potdar is an Asia Safe Abortion Partnership Youth Champion from India. As a regional coordinator for the nongovernmental organization SAMYAK located in the state of Maharashtra in western India, Pritam has coordinated several projects to promote gender equality among men and boys, and improve community-based sexual and reproductive health interventions for adolescent…