The Pleasure Principle

In the words of Janet Jackson, circa 1986, “It’s the pleasure principle!” Yet, those of us working to advance the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescent girls often forget this and are reluctant to talk about pleasure.

Who Runs the World: Girls!

The rural community of Kabula in Northern Nigeria is a matrilineal society. But even with a woman in charge, traditional gender norms are entrenched.

Regardless of Election Outcome, Girls Are the Future in Nigeria

As Nigeria gets ready for a momentous election, media and political campaigns have failed to capture the reality of many women and girls.

#Lead4Girls Panel During Africa Summit Offers Real Solutions to End Child Marriage

As African leaders gathered this week in Washington, D.C., for the White House’s first-ever U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, IWHC and the Girls Not Brides USA coalition held a panel discussion on the widespread problem of child marriage and called on governments to work together to end the practice.

Partner: International Centre for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE)

  • November 14, 2013

Based in the city of Minna in central Nigeria, INCRESE advocates for the sexual health and rights of society’s most disenfranchised groups, including youth, sexual minorities, survivors of sexual violence, commercial sex workers, and widowed women living with HIV/AIDS. Through education programs in its outreach center and advocacy throughout the community, INCRESE is promoting an…

On International Day of the Girl, Hear Girls’ Call to Action

“Some day, they will say this was the moment when the world woke up to my potential…this is the moment when being a girl became my strength, my sanctuary, not my pain.” These are the words of the Girl Declaration, a powerful statement written by adolescent girls who are living in poverty around the…

Draconian Laws Against Homosexuality in Africa

The wind of state homophobia has swept over the African continent.  Fueled by media hounding and outing of perceived same sex loving people, some governments in Africa are embarrassed and shamed before the world for their wild claims that homosexuality is un-African and does not exist in Africa. Instead of swallowing their words in…

Sexual Pleasure and Women's Empowerment: A Perspective From Nigeria

This past December, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK convened a meeting of leading erotic justice activists and service providers for a deliberation on “Sexual Pleasure and Women’s Empowerment.” Presenters at the event advocated for understanding the female sexual universe as having to do with more…

Nigerian Human Rights Activists Organize the First Annual International Day Against Homophobia

Previously, we blogged about the discrimination and persecution faced by the LGBTQQI* community in Nigeria. First, there was Nigeria’s Same Gender Marriage bill, proposing the criminalization of marriage between consenting adults of the same sex. And then  Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that, as far as he’s concerned, the lack…