Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speaks at International Women’s Health Coalition Event

  • September 23, 2014

In a discussion with Françoise Girard and Aryeh Neier, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflects on her early work litigating gender equality cases for the ACLU in the 1970’s, how she thinks Roe v. Wade should have been decided differently, and why she dissented in Hobby Lobby.

Women Outraged that Honduras Outlaws EC

Al final de esta pagina puede leerlo en español. A woman’s right to choose if and when to get pregnant was further eroded last week in Honduras when the National Congress voted to outlaw the sale, purchase, distribution, and use of emergency contraception (EC). The bill passed in the National Congress after just one…

Affordable Birth Control

In 2005 Congress unintentionally sent birth control prices skyrocketing with a flawed provision in a bill, low income women and college students have had additional barriers to accessing affordable birth control in the United States. Congress stood up for women’s health by including the fix for affordable birth control in the Omnibus Appropriations Act.

Medicaid Family Planning and the Stimulus Package

When the $787 billion stimulus bill was passed by US Congress, funding for family planning was notably missing from the package. Information and services to ensure that women can freely decide when, if, and how many children to have – all vital to attaining a healthy and economically productive life – was stripped from the…