Wins for Women in 2016

The women’s movement achieved great successes globally in 2016; highlighting these achievements will be essential for the fight ahead.

Brazil’s Women Activists Tackle an Enduring Threat

In the midst of the Zika epidemic, Brazil’s conservative Congress has seemingly done everything it can to make the situation worse for Brazilian women.

Brazil: Supreme Court Makes Abortion Legal in Cases of Anencephaly

On April 11th, our colleagues in Brazil celebrated an important victory in the long battle toward safe legal abortion in the country. The Brazilian Supreme Court passed a vote eight to two in favor of making abortion legal in cases of anencephaly, a condition in which the fetus is developing without a brain and is…

Standing with Severina

Should women be forced to carry to term a pregnancy with an anencephalic fetus? That is the question the Supreme Court of Brazil will grapple with on April 11, when it considers the long-delayed case known as APDF 54. ANIS: the Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender issued a press release on this…

Despite Legal Restrictions, Many Brazilian Women Have Abortions

In Brazil, where abortion is illegal under most circumstances, a pioneer domiciliary survey has revealed that one out of seven urban women age 18-39 has had an abortion.  Because of the restrictive laws in Brazil, women who manage to get abortions frequently are subjected to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Of the approximately 5 million Brazilian women…