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December 2016: Our Top Wins of 2016
While it can be difficult to reflect on our gains, the women’s movement has achieved great successes globally, and highlighting these achievements will be essential for the fight ahead. From Poland and Argentina to Cameroon and Pakistan, the work of the International Women’s Health Coalition confirms one thing: we are stronger when we work together.

Statement on the Election of Donald Trump as US President
President-elect Trump has displayed a fundamental disrespect both for women and for women’s human rights. IWHC will vehemently oppose any effort by the US president and US Congress to deny women’s and girls’ human rights, and undermine their sexual and reproductive rights.


November 2016: #GirlSummitDC Mobilizes Action to End Child Marriage
IWHC’s 3rd Annual Girl Summit DC on October 20 looked at how US policies and practices can empower girls worldwide, improve their health and education outcomes, and ensure that they can live freely and safely. Momentum is building. Leaders worldwide are paying attention to girls and young women, but we still have a ways to go.


April 2016: Who Runs the World? Girls!
The past few months have been monumental for adolescent girls across the globe. In March, the State Department released the US Global Strategy to Empower Adolescent Girls, the first comprehensive initiative to look at the myriad needs girls have: from going to school, staying safe, developing life skills and self-esteem, and making decisions about marriage and their futures. We’re thrilled our leaders and financial institutions are finally prioritizing adolescent girls and seeing their needs holistically.