A Case Study from Southeastern Brazil

Summary: By Andrea Lynch (New York: International Women’s Health Coalition, November 2005). Case study of effective youth participation at Reprolatina, a nongovernmental sexual and reproductive health and rights organization based in Southeastern Brazil. Intended for organizations, policy makers, educators, professionals, and activists who wish to engage young people as protagonists as well as beneficiaries in their movements, institutions, programs, and advocacy. Part I examines eight elements of Reprolatina’s institutional philosophy that foster adult-youth partnerships and build youth leadership within the organization, highlighting successful strategies for the implementation of each element. Part II examines 13 elements of Reprolatina’s day-to-day process and approach that help build and sustain a daily culture of youth participation in the organization. Part II also highlights two successful youth staff initiatives, the establishment of a peer education group in a local vocational training center for teens, and the development of an adolescent-friendly website on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Listed at the end of the book are references to additional resources on youth health and rights and youth participation (Multilingual version: 82 pages).

>>Available in French, Portuguese, and Spanish