September 15, 2017

As abortion is increasingly legalized around the world, millions of women still face entrenched barriers, including stigma and ill-equipped and poorly trained health providers. The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) will join other organizations to mark International Safe Abortion Day on September 28 in a global call to action for access to safe abortion as a human right. In 2016, organizations and advocates in 55 countries organized activities to observe the day.

Nearly 7 million women, mostly in developing countries, are treated for complications from unsafe abortion annually. Policymakers and family planning programs continue to leave abortion out of the picture for social, ideological, religious, or legal reasons. Abortion should be an integral part of the package of sexual and reproductive health services available to women and girls. Under the mottos: “Leaving No One Behind” and “Resist and Persist,” IWHC and its grantee partners around the world will take to social media and engage in live events, amplifying the clarion call for access to safe abortion. Our grantee partners from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America are mobilizing locally and leading their own activities.

Highlighted activities by region:



  • The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership will be holding a virtual film festival of short films and videos from their “Let’s Talk Abortion” series.
  • CREA, in partnership with Global Health Strategies (GHS), is launching a campaign to address unsafe abortion from the point of view of access to services and barriers within the health system.

Eastern Europe

  • ASTRA, the Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health, will present stories of women who participated in Poland’s successful “Black Monday” protests last year. Public outrage at a bill that would have banned abortion in almost all circumstances forced the government to table it.

Latin America

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