July 9, 2020

In the last few days, a number of former and current staff have come forward to share how they experienced derogatory comments, oppression, or disrespect in our workplace. The board takes discrimination, racism, and bullying seriously, and apologizes to anyone impacted by such behavior.

One of our core values as an organization is advancing diversity, equity and inclusion – both in our workplace and in our work with under-served communities around the globe. We recognize that we have not always lived up to these values.

The board is fully committed to learning and growing as an organization. In the coming days we will launch an independent review of racism, discrimination, and bullying at the organization. As part of that process, we hope to hear from current and former employees, grantees, partners, and other stakeholders.

As an organization we will continue to take measures that create a culture that more fully mirrors our organizational values and mission.

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