June 3, 2021

Contact: Lauren Gray
Phone Number: +1 215 983 3099

Statement available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

IPPFWHR*, CHANGE, and IWHC integrate their strengths in a moment of urgent need for action and solidarity to protect sexual and reproductive health and rights

*Not affiliated with International Planned Parenthood Federation or Planned Parenthood Federation of America

(New York, New York – June 3, 2021) IPPFWHR is today announcing the early launch of a new global feminist alliance, combining the many decades of experience and relationships with CHANGE and IWHC. This newly consolidated entity will become a global feminist changemaker, and over the coming months, will formally announce its new name and identity.

IPPFWHR CEO Giselle Carino stated, “This is an exciting new chapter for our many years of work, creating a stronger, globally focused, intersectional feminist alliance on sexual and reproductive health and rights. We are joining forces to amplify the resilience and creativity of women leaders and activists who envision a feminist future for all, free of gender, sexual, and racial discrimination.”

In 2020, IPPFWHR spun off from the International Planned Parenthood Federation along with key partners from Latin America and the Caribbean to deepen and drive its intersectional feminist mission.

The two organizations that IPPFWHR is acquiring are leading feminist voices prepared to respond to the challenges of our times. CHANGE, a Washington-based organization, has been at the forefront of securing and protecting SRHR for all, driving public conversation, and shaping U.S. and global health policy. IWHC has committed to bring its critical experience with policy, advocacy, and Trust Based Grant Making—which is highly valued by partners in the Global South—primarily in the regions of Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Together, this new alliance will expand each organization’s impact and ecosystem to more than 150 partners and will amplify the voices of women, girls, and gender-diverse people, particularly those who have been historically excluded: Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and migrants at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression. It will connect and coordinate political advocacy strategies and actions across national, regional, and international spaces, while accelerating the shift toward woman-to-woman care and sexual and reproductive healthcare that reaches diverse women where they are. The hope is that this collective will contribute to making gender and racial equality more than an aspiration, but a reality.

Statements from Organization Leaders

IPPFWHR Board Chair Jovana Rios Cisneros: “As a woman of Afro-Indigenous descent from the Global South, I am excited that our voice will lead this transformation for the next generations of BIPOC women, girls and genderdiverse people across the globe.”

IWHC Board Chair Kathleen Regan: “This consolidation will have a very positive impact on the women’s movement by creating a more efficient, nimble organization where more resources can go directly towards the mission. It is also strongly committed to two vital initiatives—broadening and expanding its leadership to reflect the diversity of the feminist movement, especially in the Global South, and to engaging and empowering younger voices.”

CHANGE President Serra Sippel: “Joining IPPFWHR is an exciting and critical step in CHANGE’s journey to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights and hold the US government accountable. CHANGE’s robust advocacy agenda will now be informed by and led by an ecosystem of feminist and women’s rights organizations worldwide, elevating the voices and priorities of those most impacted by US policy decisions made in our nation’s Capital.”