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RESURJ is an alliance of women ages 20-40 dedicated to upholding the reproductive health and rights agenda adopted at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and to advancing it by engaging strategically with decision-makers globally and regionally and mobilizing other young women advocates. RESURJ grew out of a meeting convened by IWHC at the 2011 ICPD meeting in New York.


Empowering young women leaders and promoting and protecting adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive rights by influencing global policy.


IWHC and RESURJ continue to act as partners in global and regional advocacy and work together closely in implementing RESURJ’s 10-Point Action Agenda, which “places women’s and young people’s human rights, particularly sexual and reproductive rights, participation in decision-making, and accountability at the center of health programs and development efforts.”

All 13 current RESURJ members have been actively and effectively involved in ICPD 2014 and Post-2015 Development Agenda processes at regional and global levels, advocating themselves and mobilizing others. For ICPD Beyond 2014, one member and one advisor are represented and engaged in the High Level Task Force on ICPD; two RESURJ members were part of the International Steering Committee for the Global Youth Forum and are now in the Youth Leadership Working Group; and one RESURJ member is co-chair of the Steering Committee for the Human Rights Conference.

In addition, RESURJ and partners mobilized advocates for regional ICPD Beyond 2014 work in Latin America at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean Ad Hoc Committee meeting, as previously discussed. For Rio+20 (which has implications for Post-2015), five RESURJ members participated and succeeded in retaining strong references to sexual and reproductive health and rights in preparatory negotiations as well as the final Conference. For Post-2015, seven are active members of the Women’s Major Group and the Children and Youth Working Group. RESURJ members in India, Nigeria and Mexico have led national consultations for Post-2015 on young people’s health and rights, and all members have contributed to Post-2015 online consultations on health, inequalities, and young people. Finally, a RESURJ member was one of the leading drafters of the Red Flags and Women’s Statements of the 2013 Bonn Civil Society Conference, which capture the main components of the Women’s Call to Action (Dec. 2011, Mexico City) and which are being used now to define priorities in various forums.

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