Centro de Estudios del Estado y Sociedad (CEDES, or the “Center for the Study of the State and Society”) has been at the forefront of social science research in Argentina for 40 years. Based in Buenos Aires, it is an independent organization which conducts research and provides teaching and technical assistance. Since 2007, CEDES has trained and provided support to health providers in Argentina on abortion.


CEDES aims to foster economic and social development, strengthen democracy, advocate for human rights and social and gender equality, and preserve the environment.


Although abortion is legally restricted in Argentina, the law makes exceptions when the life or the health of the woman is in danger, and in the case of rape. However, women still face a myriad of difficulties accessing these legal services. Stigma pervades, even among health providers, and many do not offer a high standard of care.

There is a clear need to ensure that women who are legally entitled to an abortion are able to access services and exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. In 2013, CEDES and other organizations established a network, Red Nacional de Referentes de Acceso al Aborto (REDAAS), of health providers and others working within the public health sector to facilitate women's access to safe and legal abortion. As of December 2015, REDAAS had 158 members, including physicians, social workers, lawyers, and other advocates.