A Bold and Independent Voice for Women’s Health and Rights: IWHC

For more than 30 years, IWHC has been a bold and independent voice for the health and rights of women and girls.
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Photos: 21st International AIDS Conference

Fulfilling human and women’s rights to end HIV was a major theme of the week-long conference, and IWHC was there to host a high-level expert panel on why adolescent girls and young women have been left out of the global response and what can be done to turn this around.

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The Human Cost of the Global Gag Rule: A Kenyan Story

The Global Gag RuleĀ is a policy that prevents all foreign organizations receiving US global health aid from providing abortion services, referrals, or information. In this video, Monica Oguttu, the head of KMET, an IWHC grantee partner in Kenya, discusses the effects of the policy.

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