Catherine Shaw

My mother was a passionate advocate of women’s rights. She chose to support IWHC because she knew how important it is for women to have a voice. IWHC gives women in developing countries that voice.

Catherine Shaw
Daughter of IWHC Bequest Donor Gisele Shaw Arledge (pictured)

IWHC’s Legacy Fund for Girls and Women is a special recognition society that honors the commitment of individuals who have provided for IWHC in their will or estate plan.

IWHC passionately believes that all girls and women — no matter where they live — deserve accurate information about their bodies, tools to build self-confidence and healthy relationships, and unfettered access to health services, including sexual and reproductive health care. This is not only essential for building healthy and safe communities, it is a fundamental human right.

Planned giving allows passionate donors to create a legacy that reflects their values. By supporting IWHC today and in the future, you can help us build healthy and safe communities for future generations of girls and women around the world.

A bequest to IWHC is an investment in girls and women.

Please include the International Women’s Health Coalition in your will to ensure that your generosity will continue in perpetuity. IWHC pledges to put your gift to the best possible use to improve the lives of girls and women around the world.

Sample Bequest Language

I give, devise and bequeath ______ to the International Women’s Health Coalition, a nonprofit corporation, incorporated in the state of New York in 1984 with a business address of 333 Seventh Avenue, 6th floor, New York, NY 10001, Tax ID: 23-7378153.

Download additional bequest language here.

Marjorie Fine Knowles

I am supporting IWHC in my will so future generations of women and girls will have equal rights, including access to quality health care, no matter where they live.

Marjorie Fine Knowles
Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University College of Law

Other Ways to Give


A charitable gift of securities provides an opportunity for tax savings while generously supporting the International Women’s Health Coalition. IWHC gladly accepts donations of all publicly-traded securities. Sales of stock, bonds and mutual funds that have appreciated in value generate a taxable capital gain. Gifts of those appreciated assets to not-for-profit organizations are deductible at their full fair market value if they have been held longer than 12 months.

Retirement Assets

Retirement plans, including IRAs, Keoughs, 401(k)s, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans are the most tax-efficient assets to leave to charity. This is because estate and income taxes can consume a significant portion of such assets. Accordingly, a gift of your retirement plan assets to charity “costs” much less than a gift of other assets. You may make IWHC the beneficiary of your retirement plan by obtaining a copy of your plan’s “beneficiary designation form” from the plan administrator and naming “International Women’s Health Coalition, Inc., of New York, New York” as the beneficiary on the form. If you are married, your spouse must provide his or her written consent to the designation of IWHC as beneficiary of a 401(k) or other workplace plan.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an under-used asset in charitable giving. You may make IWHC the beneficiary of your life insurance policy by obtaining a copy of your policy’s “beneficiary designation form” from the life insurance company and naming “International Women’s Health Coalition, Inc., of New York, New York” as the beneficiary on the form. You can also designate a percentage of your life insurance policy to IWHC or name IWHC as a secondary or final beneficiary of your policy. This simply means that if the first beneficiary (or beneficiaries) predeceases you, IWHC becomes the subsequent beneficiary.

Financial Accounts

You can make IWHC the beneficiary of all, or a portion of, your bank or brokerage accounts or a certificate of deposit (CD).

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The International Women’s Health Coalition is registered as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Read our privacy policy.

The material presented is intended as general educational material on the topics discussed above and should not be interpreted as legal, financial or tax advice. Please seek the specific advice of your tax advisor, attorney and/or financial planner to discuss the application of these topics to your individual situation.