Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a special group of women and men who share a broad interest in the U.S. foreign policy agenda and are committed to women's health and human rights globally.

The Leadership Council regularly hosts luncheon discussions with experts in the fields of foreign policy, human rights, global health, and international development. Membership begins at $1,000 and helps support IWHC’s global partners in Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East to advance the rights and health of women and girls worldwide.

Friends of IWHC

Friends of IWHC is a network of mid-career professionals and parents who advocate and support IWHC’s mission to advance the rights of women and girls around the world.

The Friends of IWHC host events and activities, such as discussions with global advocates and experts in the field of sexual and reproductive health, film screenings, and networking receptions. It is free to join, but please consider making an initial donation of $50.

Young Advocates Network

The Young Advocates Network is an online group of young people from all over the world that supports IWHC's mission and advocate in the digital space to help ensure the health and rights of women and girls worldwide.

It's free to join, but please consider making a donation to support IWHC's work.