Confronting Values and Training Teachers to be Sexuality Educators

One of the biggest challenges in teacher training for CSE is confronting teachers’ and adult facilitators' own values and belief systems; they are often assumed to be neutral delivery mechanisms of CSE, but that isn't always the case.

UK Investment in Comprehensive Sexuality Education Pays Off

How a 10-year strategy used comprehensive sexuality education to halve the teen pregnancy rate in the UK.

Mapping Change for Girls, One Post-It Note at a Time

Many governments refuse to provide comprehensive sexuality education to young people, leaving a void of information about sexual and reproductive health and rights. Local organizations like TICAH are working to fill that void.

Who Runs the World: Girls!

The rural community of Kabula in Northern Nigeria is a matrilineal society. But even with a woman in charge, traditional gender norms are entrenched.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: How Menstruation Holds Women and Girls Back

Despite the fact that menstruation is a near-universal female experience, many girls and women face harmful consequences.

A Friendly, Feminist Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation

Measuring the impact of comprehensive sexuality education programs can be tricky. A recent meeting explored new and innovative ways.