Beyond Abortion: A Podcast on All Things SRHR

Abortion rights. Contraception. Child, early, and forced marriage. Gender-based violence. Comprehensive sexuality education. Access to screenings and care for reproductive cancers. These are just a few of the critical issues that fall under the umbrella of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Yet, too many people live under restrictions that limit their knowledge of and access to crucial sexual and reproductive rights and health services. Moreover, there are still fundamental misunderstandings about what SRHR comprises, who it serves, and why it is a core human right

IWHC senior program officer, Nina Besser Doorley recently joined the RePROS Fight Back podcast to answer pressing questions about what defines these rights, how they are restricted, and what we can do to protect and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

This podcast was originally published by RePROS Fight Back.


Photo: Liz Lemon

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