Our Most Read Stories of 2017: Abortion, Global Policy, and Texts About Sex

As 2017 draws to a close, the International Women’s Health Coalition looks back on our readers’ favorite blogs of this tumultuous year. From the current state of abortion rights to the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule, these are the stories that rose to the top in a year of perilous policies countered by a tenacious women’s movement.


Let’s Text About Sex: A Mobile Phone Program Delivers Sexuality Education

An innovative mobile phone program could help adolescent girls in the Global South receive comprehensive and accurate information about their sexual and reproductive rights.

The Global Gag Rule: Trump’s Week One Attack on Women

A massively expanded version of the disastrous policy strips women of their human rights and threatens their health.

US Helps Disrupt UN Meeting on Policies for Growing Youth and Aging Populations

Deliberations fell apart on the last day, with no resolution on the theme of changing age structures and development.

Expanding Access to Safe Abortion in Nigeria, One Woman at a Time

GIWYN is IWHC’s newest grantee partner in Nigeria, working to increase awareness and expand access to safe abortion across the country.

Where Are We Now? A Snapshot of Some of the World’s Most Egregious Abortion Laws

In the lead-up to International Safe Abortion Day on September 28, IWHC takes a look at some of the most dangerous places in the world to access an abortion.

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Photo: Greg Zulkie

2 responses to “Where Are We Now? A Snapshot of Some of the World’s Most Egregious Abortion Laws

  1. Hi Ladies, thanks for this I just wanted to point out that Malta is another country that does not allow abortion under any circumstance, we have a total ban. Although we are at the forefront of many other human rights especially when it comes to LGBT rights we are way behind on reproductive health and reproductive rights. We could do with any help you could give us. I am the admin of a facebook group with of 23,000 members all women called Women for Women, however, we are not all pro-choice and many are very pro-life. We at least have managed to start the discussion about abortion and last year together with the Women’s Rights Foundation a local Ngo we managed to pressure the government to allow the Morning After Pill on the market and over the country, it was previously not even available either.

  2. Interesting about the mobile phone thing….kind of an amazing idea in an age where almost everyone has a cell-phone, especially in places where not everyone has access to a computer to readily look up things on the Internet. Or, they might feel embarrassed to look things up in say a library.

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