Global Marches Mark a Strong Beginning

“My body, my choice!”

“Her body, her choice!”

The chants that rose from the Women’s March reverberated through the crowd as a group of IWHC staffers and friends marched across the National Mall in Washington, DC. The march, and sister manifestations on almost every continent, served as a conduit to issues that affect us all: racial justice, the environment, workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, gender equality, LGBTQI rights, among others, in a declaration of universal solidarity against President Donald Trump.

More than a dozen of our partners from around the world—from India to Poland to Peru—sent messages of support. Many of them know all too well in their home countries that reproductive rights are a battleground. Many of them are standing with us now.

Mere days after millions of women and girls staged a global demonstration against his presidency, President  Trump reinstated and expanded the Global Gag Rule. This hugely destructive policy restricts any organization receiving US global health funds from using their own funding to provide legal abortion services, information, or referrals, or doing advocacy to expand abortion access.

The International Women’s Health Coalition was founded 33 years ago, in part, with the birth of the Global Gag Rule policy under then-President Ronald Reagan. Encouraged by the global solidarity, IWHC is prepared to continue in our quest for reproductive justice. We shall prevail again.



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