Sexual Health and Rights Conference Tackles Harmful Traditional Practices in Africa

The African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights presents an opportunity to propose strategies to shift the culture of silence on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

At UN, Governments Agree Equality and Health for Women Means Progress for All

After an exhausting, but exhilarating two weeks at the United Nations, the Commission on the Status of Women closed with a strong commitment from governments to promote the health and human rights of women and girls.

Kenyan Program Empowers Women and Girls to Support Themselves

The Kisumu Medical and Education Trust's Sisterhood for Change program infuses vocational training with sexual and reproductive health information and services for young women and girls in southwestern Kenya.

Peruvian “Let Her Decide” Abortion Campaign Takes Next Step

Dejala Decidir in Peru has submitted 60,000 signatures in support of a bill that would decriminalize abortion in cases of rape. Currently, abortion is only allowed if the pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother.

It’s Time for the U.S. to #Lead4Girls and End Child Marriage Worldwide

Our #Lead4Girls campaign calls on the U.S. government to fulfill its mandate in the Violence Against Women Act to work with the rest of the world to end child marriage.

A Feminist Vision for Sustainable Development

More than 60 feminists from 31 countries and 47 organizations gathered in upstate New York over three days to define a global feminist agenda for the next two years. The result is a bold call to action to world leaders.