New Report Lays Out Strategies for Ending Child Marriage

Earlier this month, Girls Not Brides USA released a report that provides an overview of the root causes of child marriage and its devastating effects on the lives of girls who are married too young. The report also outlines potential strategies governments and civil society can take to delay the age of marriage, meet the needs of married children, and how to strategically invest in areas where change is feasible and most needed.

A UNFPA report released last year revealed that approximately 37,000 girls under the age of 18 are married every day around the world. If nothing is done to curtail the practice, 142 million girls will be married by 2020. Despite this grim reality, the report’s authors conclude: “Working together with partners from donor and national governments, multilateral institutions, private enterprises and donors and civil society around the world, we are confident we can end child marriage and unleash the full potential of girls everywhere.”

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