Women and Girls Post-2015: What Does It Mean?

We’re in Week Three of our 50 Days of Action for Women and Girls Campaign. This week’s theme is “Putting Women and Girls at the Center of Post-2015 Global Development Agenda.”

As my colleague Sarah explained in this post, the UN established eight international development goals, called the Millennium Development Goals (or “the MDGs”) in 2000. The MDGs were a diverse set of objectives—from eradicating extreme poverty to improving maternal health—the UN wanted to reach by 2015. Now that this MDG deadline is only a few years away, the international community is looking ahead to define what’s come to be known as the Post-2015 Development Agenda, or “post-2015.”

The United States is helping develop the post-2015 agenda. John Podesta, the founder of the Center for American Progress, is a member of the High-Level Panel, a group of 27 international government officials and civil society experts who are guiding the development of the Post-2015 framework. This agenda can go a long way in transforming the lives of women and girls worldwide, so we’re directing many of our messages to him this week. Putting gender equality at the center of a post-2015 framework can lead to greater social, ecological, and economic justice for all. A few of the issues we’d like Podesta to draw attention to are:

  • Treating women and girls’ reproductive rights—including access to contraception,  safe abortion and maternal health care—as fundamental human rights
  • Guaranteeing women’s rights to participate in leadership, decision-making and political participation, and enabling this by providing girls with basic skills and a quality education
  • Measuring our progress towards ending early and forced marriage
  • Addressing violence against women

We hope you’ll join us in asking John Podesta to make sure these issues, which will affect the lives and futures of all the world’s women, are central in the post-2015 agenda. Join the conversation on Twitter.

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