Tell the U.S. Government: Carry on the Fight for Women and Girls' Rights

From USAID’s Vision for Action to End Child Marriage to launching the Equal Futures Partnership to expanding women’s participation in the politics and economies of their countries, Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, and the first term of the Obama administration, was marked by an unwavering dedication to promoting policies that advanced the rights of women and girls.

We are now looking to our new head of State, John Kerry, and the second term of the Obama administration to continue advocating for and implementing existing policies on these issues throughout U.S. foreign policy and foreign assistance.

To demonstrate mass public support for policies and programs that will allow women and girls to be healthy, empowered, educated and safe, IWHC joined a coalition of groups, including Half the Sky, Girls Not Brides and many others, to tell Sec. Kerry and other key decisionmakers that the work for women and girls is far from done.

Starting this week and through June, we’ll focus on eight different issues that impact the lives of women and girls—such as education, health, violence, early and forced marriage, human rights, and economic empowerment—as part of the 50 Days of Action for Women and Girls Campaign. Each week will focus on a different issue, and we’ll be hosting Twitter chats with experts in the field to answer your questions about what more can be done to advance this agenda.

Thanks to many of you who signed up for our Thunderclap, our #usa4women tweet will go out tomorrow at 12 PM EDT. Our next Thunderclap, with the #usa4girls hashtag, will go out on May 20; we’ll be mobilizing attention around the issue of ending early and forced marriage. Watch our Facebook page and Twitter feed to learn how you can help!

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  1. Early marriage for women leads to many problems, reproductive health care, as observed in Africa

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