Bali Declaration Offers a Progressive Vision for World’s Youth

We here at IWHC are thrilled that young people and adult allies spoke out in support of a bold and progressive vision for what the global community must do to achieve the largest generation ever of educated, empowered, safe, and healthy young people.

Double Jeopardy for Rape Victims in Peru

An estimated 35,000 pregnancies occur every year in Peru as a result of rape. Women and girls are faced with two options: seek an illegal abortion and risk going to jail or carry the pregnancy to term.

The Journey of 1,000 Miles Starts with the First Step

The last couple of days of the ICPD Global Youth Forum in Bali, Indonesia, have seen a flurry of around-the-clock activity by nearly 1,000 young people, adult allies, NGO representatives, academics, government officials, and other stakeholders from around the world. Their hard work is already paying off. Yesterday,…

On the Road to the Global Youth Forum

Starting today, the ICPD Global Youth Forum brings together nearly 1,000 young people, government leaders, advocates, academics, and others together to discuss and make recommendations regarding the most pressing issues facing young people. Nearly 50 percent of the world’s population is under 25 years old—the largest generation ever of young people—and it is clear…