Founder of Our Partner CFEMEA Named Fellow of WomenChangeMakers

Centro Feminista de Estudos e Asssessoria (CFEMEA), or the Feminist Center for Studies and Advisory Services is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization in Brazil that works for the citizenship of women and gender equality. It fights for a just, democratic society and state in an autonomous and non-partisan way.Founded on feminist thought, CFEMEA actively participates in the national women’s movement, and integrates with international feminist networks, especially in Latin America. IWHC has supported CFEMEA since 1995, and is very excited to congratulate Guacira Cesar de Oliveira, Founder and Executive Director of CFEMEA, on being named as one of two fellows by WomenChangeMakers:

The WomenChangeMakers’ program was launched in Brazil mid-August with the selection of two outstanding social entrepreneurs who have achieved deep-seating social and economic transformations for women in their community and in the Brazilian society as a whole. WomenChangeMakers and its program partners… will work with the two WomenChangeMakers fellows over the next three years to support the scaling up of their organisation, the replication of their model and the increase of their social impact.

Guacira Cesar de Oliveira, Founder and Executive Director of the Centro Feminista de Estudos y Assessoria (CFEMEA, Brasilia), plays an important role in designing and guaranteeing women’s rights in Brazil. She works to secure social justice by teaching women’s organizations how to monitor public expenditures, ensuring that dedicated resources are used to address women’s priorities. In reinforcing the women’s movement’s dialogue with the public authorities, she strengthens the incidence of feminist policy on public policies and expenditures. Through CFEMEA, Guacira has started the Feminist Free University, a virtual research and teaching platform dedicated to women’s studies. She has driven the passing of several laws, including the right to family planning, in 1994, the result of an intense process of advocacy and mobilization for reproductive rights; and the ground-breaking “Maria da Penha Law” (2006), for the prevention of domestic violence, which began with the presentation of a bill formulated by a group of feminist organizations, coordinated by CFEMEA. WomenChangeMakers and its program partners aim to help her expand her reach across Brazil and develop a stronger revenue stream through CFEMEA’s services, which include research, consultancies, and the publication of specialized literature. As a further potential development, her model of independent and influential lobbying activities can be conceptualized for replication in other countries.

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