Youth Action for Change: Youth-Led Communications Project

In 2005, I launched an organization called Youth Action for Change (YAC), a global, youth-led organization harnessing the power of information and communication technology (ICTs) to inspire and empower young people to become active change-makers in their own communities.

YAC has been the first organization ever to take the peer-to-peer methodology online so as to offer free online courses and other training activities taught by skilled young people. We have run over 14 courses and activities to date, including one on Gender Issues and ensuring that this becomes a transversal theme for other courses as well.

Because of our groundbreaking activities, we have been dubbed ‘best practice’ for youth empowerment, and have received several praises and awards from organizations such as the UN, the World Bank, Oxfam, Ashoka, Nokia, the Council of Europe, and many others.

To complement our online activities, we are creating on-the-ground projects, starting with a scholarship fund in Benares, India, that will allow 20 destitute children – most of whom are girls – to go to school.

Selene Biffi is the founder of Youth Action for Change. She served with the UN, Amnesty International and AEGEE in the past in different capacities, supervising projects aimed at empowering young people in different areas.



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