A Vision of Change from the Philippines

I imagine communities, nations, and a world that understands, respects, nurtures the rights of young people with respect to sexual and reproductive health, it being a basic human right. I imagine also where young people are given equal opportunities to education, employment, healthcare, capability enhancements, and many others.

I see children going to school and not worrying about the cost of their education, as well as young people being responsible and empowered; I see more women gaining grounds and respect in organizations, in governments, in communities and tribes, ensuring equality and equity; I imagine families are fed, clothed and are living in comfortable and secure homes; I see governments and NGOs in strong partnerships in restoring a perfect world; and I imagine churches and faith institutions continuously instilling good moral values to the community.

I see myself being at the forefront along with other fellow youth advocates and activists, ensuring that indeed young people are regarded as partners in nation-building wherein possibilities are endless in empowering them to be the best that they can be in their own respective fields of interests. In a world that is perfect; harmony, positivity and maximum potentials are achieved by each individuals, communities and nations.

I believe that for a lasting change to happen, that change must be imbued and embodied in each and every one of us. In believing in ourselves, in believing in others, in collectively taking actions towards a positive change, this change should transcend barriers of gender, culture and of age. This may remain forever a vision if we do not act on it now. Little steps now can get us to somewhere tomorrow. We must act on it now. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Ador Leanda Hurtado is a young professional working as an Executive Assistant for their City Government of Catbalogan, assigned at the City Mayor’s Office. A graduate of Business Administration major in Management and is currently finishing his Masters of Management Degree at University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College, Ador is one of the Youth Advisers of Waray-Waray Youth Advocates (WARAYA), the youth arm of the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines – Samar Chapter (FPOP-Samar) where he also volunteers as the Council Treasurer. He was a finalist in IWHC’s 2010 Young Visionaries Contest.



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