Today's the Day to Counter Attacks on Women's Health and Rights

“In order to promote women’s reproductive health, it is important that the Global Gag Rule and similar legislation is challenged and abrogated. Local organizations need moral and material support rather than hurdles.”  -Fauzia Viqar, Shirkat Gah-Women’s Resource Centre, Pakistan

As budget talks intensify in Congress, women’s health and rights remain at stake: today, thousands are expected to march for women’s health and rights in Washington.

But the proposed cuts extend deeper than the United States – they threaten the health and human rights of countless women and young people on every continent.

Among the harmful restrictions in the House-passed FY 11 funding bill is an effort to enact into law the Global Gag Rule, a policy that bars organizations receiving U.S. funding to provide family planning services if they also use their own, non-U.S. funds to provide legal abortion services, advocate for abortion law reform, or provide accurate medical counseling or referrals.

Now more than ever your voice is needed. Call the White House today (202-456-1111) and ask President Obama to put public health before politics. Let the U.S. administration know that the Global Gag Rule limits non-governmental organizations’ ability to provide the comprehensive health care women need, and denies women the fundamental right to exercise control over their reproductive lives.

Together, we will secure a just and healthy life for women and girls worldwide.

For more information on the Global Gag Rule, click here.



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