Akimbo is 2 Years Old Today!

We’re very excited to be celebrating the second birthday of our blog Akimbo today! We’re so grateful for all the IWHC staff, partners, and colleagues that have contributed to the blog over the past two years – and we’re grateful, too, for our many readers.

We’ve been reflecting lately about ways to improve Akimbo as we enter our third year, and in the coming weeks we’ll be shifting to a schedule with less frequent but more in depth posts. Last fall, when we surveyed our readers and other folks who interact with IWHC online, we got many requests for more in depth reporting on the issues we care about, as well as stories from our partners and colleagues around the world. So that’s going to be our focus in year three.

But for now, let’s spend a few minutes looking back at our favorite posts from the last year:

Kelly Castagnaro, Director, Communications Program

Lori Adelman, Program Assistant, Communications

Audacia Ray, Program Officer, Online Communications and Campaigns



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