A Tribute to Women's Leadership

What you’re doing at IWHC is creating a climate in which it is not tolerable to accept gender inequality as a matter of course. You make our lives better. You make us more effective.

Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder, Partners in Health

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Here at IWHC, we pay tribute to the tremendous might and vision of our partners in Asia, Africa, and Latin America who work relentlessly to realize a just and healthy life for all women and girls. The Girls’ Power Initiative ensures that girls throughout Nigeria become women who are strong, assertive, articulate, informed, and keenly aware of their rights. Our partner Chirapaq is addressing the needs of indigenous women in Peru, and in India, The YP Foundation is building the skills of tomorrow’s leaders.

IWHC is proud to have been a leader in the global women’s health movement for more than 25 years. Your support means that six million women and teens in 12 countries have access to health services, HIV prevention, and human rights protections that would not be there otherwise.

To learn more:

  • Check out The Lancet’s featured profile of IWHC President Adrienne Germain, who was recently recognized as one of the Women Deliver 100
  • Read Adrienne’s tribute to the women leaders of today and tomorrow in Global Health Magazine
  • Browse our resource library and get the facts on the latest policy news, comprehensive sexuality education, and women and HIV/AIDS.

If you haven’t yet joined us, please make a gift to IWHC today to support every woman’s right to a just and healthy life.



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  2. One good thing about modern communication is everyone in the world knows when an injustice is going on. This should greatly help women everywhere.

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