IWHC Congratulates Two Colleagues as They Join the Brazilian Government

Two colleagues of IWHC have recently been appointed to important positions within the new Brazilian government, and we couldn’t be more happy for them!

Luiza Helena de Bairros, a board member of IWHC partner ELAS Fundo de Investimento Social has been appointed Minister for Racial Equality in Brazil’s new Government. IWHC has been working with Fundo Elas for two years.

In her acceptance speech Ms. Bairros gave a special shoutout to the black movement in Brazil, noting her continued dedication to demanding policies to combat and eliminate racism, a factor that still excludes the black community’s access to many rights and opportunities in Brazil.

In addition to this exciting appointment, Gilberta Santos Soares, former general coordinator of our partner Cunha, is now the Deputy Secretary for Women and Human Diversity in the Government of the State of Paraiba, Brazil.

President Dilma, Brazil’s first woman president, who has made a point to have a larger number of women on her Cabinet than have served in year’s past (they currently make up about 25% of the Cabinet members).

Dilma has reiterated her commitment to addressing women’s rights in international relations, and despite the controversy around abortion during the Presidential campaign, her Minister of Women has not shied away from speaking her views about the theme. We’re hopeful and optimistic that these two appointments will result in the further creation and promotion of laws and policies that are good for Brazilian women’s health and will have a tangible benefit in their lives.

3 responses to “IWHC Congratulates Two Colleagues as They Join the Brazilian Government

  1. This is a great achievement regarding to political participation of feminist movement in Brazil. And we know that IWHC has some contribution to that and to the fight for gender equality in our country.

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