Improving the Impact of Foreign Assistance of the Health and Rights of Women and Girls

Reforming foreign assistance to make aid more effective without being more costly is a key way that the United States can make its foreign policy better.  IWHC stands firm in the belief that smart and effective investment of U.S. resources is essential to alleviating poverty, promoting security and building more stable nations – central tenets of U.S. foreign policy, goals of U.S. foreign assistance and a core component of numerous internationally agreed-upon goals and standards. Recognizing the need and interest by the Obama Administration and Congress to reform foreign assistance, IWHC and key organization partners are educating and advocating with policy makers so that the health and rights needs of women and youth are met.

The Center for Health and Gender Equity has released a new video about the role of U.S. foreign assistance in the sexual and reproductive rights and health of women and girls in Ethiopia. The nine minute video is an interesting look at the ways that U.S. policy and funding interact with health systems and programs at the country level.

To learn more about IWHC’s work on U.S. Policy, please click here.

Audacia Ray

Communications OfficerIWHC

Audacia Ray is a former Communications Officer and consultant for IWHC.

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