Haiti, Rape, and Post-Earthquake Human Rights Violations

It’s been a year since Haiti was hit by the devastating earthquake that crumbled structures, cut short lives, and imposed new challenges for people who were already in vulnerable situations. Shortly after the quake, we blogged about the impact of natural disasters on women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health. Access to services is often curtailed after a disaster, so contingency plans must include plans to meet sexual health care needs, through the distribution of condoms, contraceptives, and safe abortion services.

Not only are many of these needs going unmet, but according to an Amnesty International (AI) report that released today, sexual violence against women is rampant in the camps where displaced people are living.

Watch the below video from AI, featuring several women telling their stories about being raped in the camps they call home. AI’s new study is not the first coverage of post-earthquake sexual assault in Haiti: news outlets covered the story last March as well.



4 responses to “Haiti, Rape, and Post-Earthquake Human Rights Violations

  1. This is extremely tragic and sad.I can't imagine the destruction.We must give what we can,rich and poor.I considered myself poor until I saw these newscasts and photos.I feel rich now.If I can give,we all probably can give something.Anyone who is reading this on this site is lucky.You are most likely sitting somewhere and are looking at a computer screen which is much more than many thousands of Haitian people can say right now.So if you can donate,please do,and ask all the people you know if they can help also.To all the charities that care,thank you.To all the people that give,thank you, And to all of the people of Haiti,please pray for them as I will.

  2. yeha that was horrible and they are still recovering from all of it so i hope that they can keep it all under control.

  3. It is very depressing to have these news of women being violated sexually despite the situation that Haiti is in after the devastating earthquake that a person could do such horrible act. These clear violation of human rights should be adressed by everybody. Vigilance and awareness should be exercised. Poverty and disaster is not an excuse to attend to these concerns.

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