Top Ten Wins #4: Empowering Young People During the Year Of Youth

Every year we do a list of Top Ten Wins for women’s health and rights. Check out all 10 on the blog, or download here.

Summer 2010 marked the beginning of the United Nations Year of Youth. Fittingly, IWHC’s courageous partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America scaled up their exemplary comprehensive sexuality education programs to provide young people with vital information about their bodies, their rights, and their responsibilities. In Pakistan, the Ministry of Education asked Aahung to pilot their curriculum in public schools across Sindh Province. IWHC partner Femmes, Sante, et Developpement (FESADE) in Cameroun secured approval from their government to pilot their comprehensive sexuality education curriculum in 50 schools in two districts. In Brazil, IWHC partner Comunicação em Sexualidade (ECOS) was appointed to a governmental working group that will make recommendations on sexuality education programs for middle school and high school students throughout the country.

What’s next: IWHC will continue its support of organizations and networks that work to secure young people’s health and human rights, including our participation in a new group “Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice—RESURJ” and Advocacy in Practice trainings, which support young people to effectively advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and health at the national and international levels. Find out more with our factsheet on youth health and rights, “Overlooked and Uninformed”.



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