Top Ten Wins: #10 Gay Marriage Legalized in Argentina and Mexico


Every year we do a list of Top Ten Wins for women’s health and rights. Check out all 10 on the blog, or download here.

On March 12, 2010, Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage, as well as adoption by same-sex couples. In early August, Mexico’s Supreme Court took the victory one step further when it issued a near-unanimous vote that gay marriages performed in the capital must be recognized by all 31 states in the republic. And in July, advocates received more good news when Argentina legalized same-sex marriage.

What’s next: IWHC will continue to work with human rights advocates throughout Latin America and across the globe to advocate for the expansion of LGBTQ rights and the decriminalization of homosexuality, and ensure that LGBTQ communities are better informed about their rights. To learn more about IWHC’s work on human rights and sexuality, click here.

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