IWHC's Top Ten Wins

This week we’ve been posting our annual Top Ten Wins list – read and download the whole thing here. Here’s the short version of the list:
  1. Woman-Initiated Prevention Methods Offer New Hope Against HIV
  2. European Court Of Human Rights Rejects Irish Ban On Abortion
  3. United Nations creates New Body On Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality, Appoints New Director to Head UNFPA
  4. Empowering Young People During the Year of Youth
  5. Activists, Policymakers In U.S. And Nigeria Lead Efforts To Prevent Child Marriage
  6. The United States Secretary Of State And Congress Stand Up For Girls And Women
  7. UN Provides Governments a Woman-Centered Plan to Prevent HIV Infections
  8. United Nations Secretary General Releases Global Strategy On Women’s And Children’s Health
  9. Maternal Deaths Decline Across The Globe
  10. Gay Marriage Legalized In Argentina And Mexico

We’ll be back in the office and back to the blog on January 3, 2011. Happy new year to all, and thanks for your continued support!



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