International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and all over the world sex workers and their allies are creating gatherings to protest violence and support one another. The photo above shows a march in Kenya – the first December 17 event to take place in the country.

The criminalisation of sex work increases the vulnerability of sex workers to human rights violations and violence. However, sex workers are raising awareness, working with policy makers, and organizing against this violence.

Here are two really great resources about the struggle for sex workers’ rights:

  • Out from Under: Sex Workers United for Rights and Respect: an online exhibition by Mamacash, with a timeline of the sex workers’ rights movement, photos, videos, and stories of sex worker groups that have successfully organized in Thailand, Peru, and China.
  • Research for Sex Work: Sex Work and Violence: this year the annual journal of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects focuses on sex work and violence. Eight articles by sex workers and advocates focus on police violence in Eastern Europe, domestic violence in Cambodia, violence against transgender sex workers, and more. The journal is available as a free download.


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