Peruvian Congress Signs Onto LUNDU's Campaign Against Racism

This summer, we blogged about our Peruvian partner LUNDÚ, who have been working on a campaign to protest racist portrayals on a Peruvian television network. Their activism has included a public demonstration and a petition with over 5000 signatures, demanding that the characters “Negro Mama” and “Paisana Jacinta” be removed and the network publicly apologize for the racist, sexist, and discriminatory stereotypes they portray.

Although the racist “El Negro Mama” character was initially suspended by the television station, it was later reinstated due to popular support on Facebook (numerous fan pages for the racist character cropped up following its removal). Last we reported in July, LUNDÚ and other advocates learned that their request to the National Society of Radio and TV (SNRTV) to remove the characters has been dismissed, and the characters will stay on television for the time being.

Despite this setback, LUNDU’s work against racism and sexism in Peru endures. This week, their hard work to promote justice and equality gained a piece of the recognition it deserves: the Peruvian Congress has officially signed onto the campaign, signaling its support for efforts to combat racism and implement anti-racist measures to the benefit of all communities in the region.

From LUNDU’s press release:

“In a motion signed by delegates of the Commission Of Andean, Amazonian, And Afro-Peruvian Peoples and members of other blocs of Congress, the government body proposed actions to combat racism and implement the relevant input of communities in various developing countries.”

This formal government recognition of the social harm that can come of racism and sexism is an important and highly symbolic step towards its eradication in the Peruvian context. IWHC will continue to support the work of our partner LUNDU to advance this important campaign.
Click here to learn more about LUNDU’s work combating racism and sexism in Peru.

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