It's All One: Curricula for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights Education

To enjoy safe and satisfying sexual lives, young people must be able to exercise their basic human rights.  A rights- based approach to comprehensive sexuality education not only helps young people acquire accurate information about their bodies and sex, but also approaches sexuality holistically; equipping young people with the skills they need to forge emotionally and socially healthy relationships.

Unfortunately, sex education programs have lagged in applying these insights. Most sex and HIV curricula fail to address issues of gender and rights in a meaningful way.

This deficiency is particularly worrisome because the vast majority of sex and HIV curricula have failed to demonstrate a positive effect either on unintended pregnancy or on sexually transmitted infections.

The lesson is that gender equality and human rights are not just lofty goals.  To ignore this lesson is to put today’s adolescents —the largest generation ever of youth between the ages of 10 and 19— at peril.

Rather, they are key to preventing the spread of HIV and to enabling young people to grow up healthy and enjoy responsible and satisfying sexual lives.

This belief is at the heart of a three-year collaboration with the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, International Planned Parenthood Foundation Western Hemisphere, Mexfam, the Population Council, and our partners CREA and the Girls Power Initiative to create It’s All One, a gorgeous two book collection of guidelines and activities that are examples of comprehensive sexuality education.

This two-book kit provides the essential elements for developing a rights-based, gender-sensitive, and participatory curriculum for sexuality and HIV education. Here’s a little more about what’s inside:


  • An introduction that includes an evidence-based policy argument
  • Seven content units (each with Learning Objectives, Key Content, and
    Points for Reflection)
  • A final project-based unit (to support advocacy and apply lessons learned)
  • 22 fact sheets


  • Effective teaching methods
  • 54 sample activities
  • Additional resources
  • Download the two books as PDFs or order hard copies here.



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