Akimbo is 500 posts old!

We’re very excited to be publishing our 500th post since the launch of Akimbo in March 2009! The blog is run by the folks in the Communications Program, and we’ve all picked three of our recent favorite posts. Learn more about the team behind the blog and all of our contributors here.

Audacia Ray’s favorites:

Kelly Castagnaro’s favorites:

Melanie Abrahams’ favorites:

  • Prevent Child Marriage: Help Give Millions of Girls a Choice and a Chance: I wish there were no need for a post about ending child marriage, but the fact is that until girls are safe from early and forced marriage, we must continue writing and talking about it. What makes Kelly’s post stand out is that she didn’t only address the problem, but brought a young person’s voice into the conversation and showed people that they really can do something to help. This is proof that although the devastation caused by early marriage is overwhelming, taking a stand against it doesn’t have to be.
  • 10 Myths About Sex and Virginity: Debunked: This post on sex and virginity myths was not only super informative—but incredibly fun to read.  Lori’s humor (“magical vaginal barrier,” was one of her more brilliant turns of phrase here) made this post one of the more accessible pieces I’ve read on a subject that is too often treated in a strictly academic manner. We need more thought leaders who understand that information is only effective if people read it in the first place. As long as Lori’s writing, I’ll be reading.
  • Standing Up for Youth Health and Rights at the International AIDS Conference: Alex Garita’s post on Rachel Judhistari’s speech at the International AIDS Conference—and about her path to becoming an advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights—is beyond inspiring. Rachel’s dedication and enthusiasm for her work are exactly what we need to secure a just and healthy life for women and girls. She, and others like her, prove that young people aren’t only the leaders of tomorrow, they are the change-makers of today.

Lori Adelman’s favorites:



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