In a New Study from the Lancet, A Blueprint for Achieving the MDG's

Later this month, and just five years before the 2015 deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), the largest gathering of world leaders in at least a decade will assemble at the United Nations in New York for what is known as the MDG Summit, where they will assess what progress has been made in reducing poverty, improving health and ensuring access to education in developing countries.

Sure to be included on their agenda are MDG’s 3 and 5,  promotion of gender equality and maternal mortality, respectively.

In advance of this crucial meeting, The Lancet and The London International Development Centre have released a collaborative analytical study and report that proposes a new blueprint for international development.

The study is worth checking out; it’s interdisciplinary and suggests principles for goal development, including equity and sustainability after 2015—the target date for the MDGs. The Commission also analyzes progress on each MDG, available as a webappendix.

For more on the MDG’s, stay tuned for the upcoming “MDG Film Fest” blog series right here on Akimbo, where  we’ll be spotlighting a film that deals with the issue that corresponds with each MDG, along with a discussion of the message delivered in the film.



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