Abstinence Only Programming Being Exported to China

The Washington Post reported last week that the Christian group Focus on the Family has partnered with Chinese officials to develop an abstinence only curriculum for young people.

Although there was an initial resistance to Focus on the Family from Communist Chinese officials, the groups have found themselves to be well-matched in terms of their conservative values. Both are interested in preserving traditional family structures and opposed to giving young people the facts necessary to make their own decision, lead healthy lives, and develop solid relationships.

Recent studies have shown that abstinence-only programs do not raise the age of first intercourse, and that young people who receive abstinence-only sexuality education are more likely to practice unsafe sex that puts them at risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. Considering this, it’s disheartening to know that this broken programming is not only surviving in many places in the United States, but now being exported.

For more information, read our factsheet: Overlooked and Uninformed: Young Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights



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