Update: IWHC partners in Pakistan and relief efforts for women and girls

The devastation due to epic flooding and continued rain in Pakistan has already affected over 15.4 million people. IWHC stands with them in solidarity and hopes that adequate aid is getting to those who need it most.

We have, of course, been in touch with our Pakistani partners at Aahung, and wanted to let you know that they are doing alright. Sheena Hadi, Aahung’s director, wrote this morning saying, “The last month has brought even more hardship to people in the country who were already facing far too much violence and poverty.  We are trying to do our best to support the flood relief efforts wherever possible through networks and personal donations.  I will definitely let you know if there is something IWHC can do, but your ongoing support is valued by the entire staff at Aahung.”

She also emphasized that, as in many disasters, the protection of women and girls has been pushed aside in favor of other needs—but that we need to continue working to protect and promote them, especially as flood waters continue to rise. Two UN organizations have stepped up to assist women and girls: The UNFPA has provided kits of reproductive health medicines and other vital tools to thousands of women, and UNICEF has prioritized the distribution of clean water kits to women-run households.

We will keep you updated on our friends at Aahung and on what you might be able to do to help the women of girls of Pakistan.



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