Goals for Women's Health: July 3rd Matches

You know what I think is so great about soccer (or football, depending on what part of the world you’re in)? It’s the most accessible sport in the world—all you need is a ball and an open space to run around in, which is how it’s possible for kids to overcome tremendous odds and become super successful athletes at the World Cup. Women’s health and rights could work the same way: if all women and girls had access to the basic health services they need, and protection of their human rights, any number of dreams could become realities. On that note, here are today’s matches:

Argentina vs. Germany

Argentine women and men flocked to the first ever International Women and Film Festival in Buenos Aires this May. The films—spotlighting gender equality, health, and rights—sparked debate and drew attention to the needs of women and girls.

In Germany, abortion is legal upon request up to 12 weeks;  for low income women, it is paid for by the national health service.

Paraguay vs. Spain

The percentage of married women in Paraguay using contraception jumped from just 57 percent in 1998 to 79 percent in 2008.

To try to prevent teen pregnancy and protect students from HIV transmission, a few high schools in Spain started selling condoms out of vending machines. Schools in other countries are now following suit.



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