Goals for Women's Health: July 2nd Matches

Can you believe the quarterfinals are already here?! We’re down to eight teams, and it’s anyone’s race to win. I’m no good at predictions, so I won’t even try! Let’s get to today’s matches:

Netherlands vs. Brazil

Abortion is the Netherlands is completely legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy—and, the country has one of the lowest abortion rates in the world, as well as one of the lowest maternal mortality rates. Could be because the government is so good at giving women the tools they need to decide if and when to have children.

IWHC partner organization Reprolatina in Brazil helps ensure that young people get the sexual health information they need in a format they’ll understand and relate to. Clearly, they’re doing something right: their website gets over 2 million hits per month!

Uruguay vs. Ghana

Gender equality is not yet a reality in Uruguay, but amazing individuals and organizations like IWHC partner Mujer y Salud en Uruguay are tirelessly advocating for sexual and reproductive health and standing up for the human rights of girls and women.

Groups like the Network for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Ghana are working to help donors and governments rethink global HIV/AIDS funding so that it would better protect women and girls.



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