Challenging Culture to Access Safe Abortion in Brazil


Over the past year, there have been several stories about pre-teen girls in Latin American who had been impregnated due to incest or rape and were unable to access safe abortion services due to legal restrictions and other social and cultural forces that make accessing abortion challenging. These stories have blown up internationally and have fueled debates about who gets to make decisions for minors, especially ones who are survivors of abuse.

The short documentary above, in Portuguese with English subtitles, digs deeper into the issues around the recent fight over whether or not a nine year old Brazilian girl, pregnant with twins due to rape, should be permitted to have an abortion.

The video features interviews with Brazilian sexual rights and reproductive health advocates, including Paula Viana, our colleague from partner organizations Grupo Curumim and Jornadas. The documentary also has lots of footage of local news programs and statements by clergy members. It was produced by IPAS.

Learn more about the status of sexual rights and reproductive health in Brazil and what our colleagues at ANIS are doing to ensure access to safe abortion services for women in the country.



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